Dahua PFS5924-24X

Rp8,273,000 Rp12,166,000


L2+ Managed Switch
> Powerful Processing Capacity
> Perfect Security Control Strategy
> Perfect Reliability Protection Mechanism
> Convenient Management and Maintenance

Product Overview
DH-PFS5924-24X is a type of managed switch with layer 2+, which
adopts 350G back panel design structure and realizes many functions
such as route, port mirroring, port isolation, ARP binding, spanning tree,
VLAN, ACL, DHCP snooping, multicast, link aggregation and etc. It is the
best choice in small and medium-sized enterprises.
· Powerful Processing Capacity
Based on VCore-III MIPS-based CPU powerful, stable processing
DH-PFS5424-24T provides exchange capacity up to 350Gbps, port full
linear filter forward 35.7Mpps;
Guarantee large flow data forward of backbone network without block.
· Perfect Security Control Strategy
Support user IP+MAC address certification based on port, 802.1X
certification based on port, remote Radius, NAS certifications;
Support IP ACL, MAC ACL, Vlan ACL, support ACL function based on the
third, fourth layer, effectively defend ARP attack and virus;
Support perfect storm control function, able to realize suppression over
broadcast, multicast and unicast storm;
Support specific ARP intrusion detection function; effectively prevent
increasingly popular “ARP cheat attack” implemented by hacker or
attacker via ARP message;
Support IP Source Guard features; prevent illegal address counterfeit
including MAC cheat, IP cheat, MAC/IP cheat and Dos attack brought by
large flow address counterfeit.
Provide DHCP snooping function, it can realize to snoop the MAC
address, IP address and various information of access users via creating
and maintaining DHCP Snooping binding table, which has solved the IP
and port tracking of DHCP users.


· Perfect Reliability Protection Mechanism
It can implement flow classification and speed limit upon the packet
which is sent to CPU via CPU protection strategy, which is to avoid illegal
packet causing resource consumption upon CPU;
Support several spanning tree protocols such as STP, RSTP, MSTP and etc,
which can realize fast convergence and improve fault-tolerant capability;
Support industrial ERPS spanning protocol, whose convergence time
is within millisecond, which guarantees no interruption for services.
Besides, the protocol is simple and reliable, which makes it greatly
convenient for users to manage and plan network;
· Convenient Management and Maintenance
It can implement simple and convenient operation upon various functions
of the switch via easy visual WEB interface (support http and https
Support SNMP protocol to configure management for the device,
provide convenience about centralized device management for small and
medium-sized enterprises;
Support CLI configuration, manage via Telnet and Console port, which is
suitable for professional network managers;
Support SSH2.0 and other encryption modes, make management much
Support PDP, LLDP protocol, which make network management much
Support NTP clock protocol, which can sync network time automatically;

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