Dahua NVR4832-4KS2

Rp5,725,000 Rp8,060,000

H.265/H.264 codec decoding
· Max 200Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
· Up to 8MP Resolution for Preview and Playback
· Up to [email protected]/[email protected] decoding
· HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output

System Overview
Dahua NVR4000-4KS2 is introduced as the first Lite series NVR
that supports for 4K and H.265 encoding technology with excellent
performance at an affordable price. For applications where image
details are highly required, it delivers the capability of 4K resolution
processing. The NVR can be served as edge storage, central storage or
backup storage with an intuitive shortcut operation menu for remote
management and control.
Due to its cost-effective and easy-to-install design, this NVR is ideal for
a wide range of applications such as public safety, water conservancy,
transportation, city centers, education, and financial institutions.
The NVR is compatible with numerous third-party devices making it
the perfect solution for surveillance systems that work independently
of video management system (VMS). It features an open architecture
that supports for multi-user access and is compatible with ONVIF 2.4
protocol, enabling interoperability with IP cameras.

4K Resolution
4K resolution is a revolutionary breakthrough in image processing
technology. 4K delivers four times the resolution of standard HDTV
1080p cameras and offers superior picture quality and image details. 4K
resolution improves the clarity of a magnified scene to view or record
crisp forensic video from large areas.
· H.265/H.264 codec decoding
· Max 200Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
· Up to 8MP Resolution for Preview and Playback
· Up to [email protected]/[email protected] decoding
· HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output
16/32 Channel 2U 4K&H.265 Lite Network Video Recorder
8Mp Heat Map Intrusion People Counting
H.265 Tripwire
High Efficiency Video Coding (H.265)
The H.265 (ITU-T VCEG) video compression standard offers double the
data compression ratio at the same level of video quality, or substantially
improved video quality at the same bit rate, as compared to older video
compression technologies. H.265 offers such impressive compression
by expanding the pattern comparison and difference-coding, improving
motion vector prediction and motion region merging, and incorporating
an additional filtering step called sample-adaptive offset filtering.
Intelligent Video System
Working with IVS-enabled IP cameras, the NVR recognizes and records
video that contains IVS data on all IP channels. The NVR records standard
intelligence at-the-edge features, as well as premium IVS features that
detect abandoned or missing objects, Tripwire violations, and intrusion
violations. The NVR is also capable of recording business analysis data –
Facial Detection, People Counting, and Heat Map – from IP cameras with
built-in Intelligent Business Analytics.
ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment Technology)
Network Video Recorders with the ANR function automatically store
video data on an IP camera SD card when the network is disconnected.
After recovery of the network, the NVR automatically retrieves the video
data stored on the camera.
The Easy4ip app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play. It
makes surveillance easy and simple, allowing you to remotely access NVR
devices, view live video, receive event push notifications, and search for
recorded videos from an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone at anytime from
virtually anywhere!

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